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ManagEvents is an international company that produces corporate events worldwide and develops formats with integrated production. Our commitment is to give our best to guaranteed a perfect implementation and be aimed at measurable results, making this statement as a standard to be internationally recognized by our customers.

We know the needs of our customers, that’s why we generate different proposals for each one. Presence in 9 countries, two continents and operating in more than 16 cities around the world, ManagEvents  has been producing venues for 15 year, sharing experiences that deserve to be told.

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ASSISTANT from 8 COUNTRIES DEVELOPING the latest global trends
in Knowledge Management.

KM Latinamerican is the most transcendental event that exists today on Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital gathering in the same area the most important referents of Knowledge Management to share with managers of major regional companies the best practices and latest global trends in this discipline.

The target of the program is directors, managers, executives and professionals with experience or interest in exploring this discipline.

In all countries, it includes

Conceptual development

Knowledge Management framework

Case of Studies


Experiences with customers

Best Leadership of 11 countries, in one.

In one day, get the ideas necessary to achieve results of a year .


In one day, get the ideas necessary to achieve results of a year .


Experience a unique journey surrounded by leaders and personalities that line up all year 's agenda


Leaders do not create followers , they generate more leaders. Find out how they did their peers.


Access to a day of experiences, success stories and best practices of global and local leaders.


Be part of the new global trends in leadership and enhance its practices


Best leader are those who proportioned influence on those people who have already innovated in their management.

The most influential worldwide
event on Human Capital Topic

HUMAN CAPITAL FORUM is the most influential event around the world in the area where management and leadership issues are addressed with a practical approaches, conviction and experience of global and local leaders.

+ 18000 Executives

They have lived the experience of the Human Capital Forum. Now it's your turn

450 Leaders

Sharing practices and successful ideas that led to success

11 Countries

Involved on the Worldwide Tour of Human Capital Forum

4700 Companies

They already have participated last years in the Human Capital Forum

Influence your circle of influence to re-think the way to do things, that is to innovate. Stand out is differentiate from the rest and leave a mark in history. Why settle for less?. It`s innovation, it is about shaking you and your organization. These issues are spoken at the Innovation Day. But most important, this could be one day to change the results of a year


The Innovation Day seeks to enhance the results you and your team can achieve. It goes for everything.


Think and re-think of ourselves. Find and meet wonderful ideas that could refresh your organization.


For some, it is about doing, for others is to look, but only for those who shine is to run innovation directed to what the business need.

Only the Executives who have reached the top,
know what is to be
on the crest.

El Only CEO Summit is the most important international summit for senior executives and top management. Every year assist to the Only CEO Summit renowned figures and distinguished leaders coming from the most important companies in the country and region.

Participate along with other senior executives, like you, a historic day to discuss and re think the future of CEO. Also, you have the opportunity to connect with peers from various industries.

Find out what companies do to have happy employees

You, like many other executives are talking about happiness at work. This is because it is not a personal requirement, is a corporate need that companies are putting as priority No 1. The International Congress of Happiness at Work promotes ideas, dialogue, reflection and techniques in order to maximize all hearts involved in an organization like yours.

More Happiness

Discover in this conference techniques and tools to increase the happiness of their employee

More inspiration

Be inspired by stories told in first person to promote work environments involving happiness

More Qualities

Work ideas and techniques to be able to increase the qualities of the people involved in raising happiness at work.

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An extraordinary event that generated spectacular results


Get in one day the key ideas of Cirque du Soleil to implement in your organization.


Experience a unique journey surrounded by leaders and personalities that marked the agenda of the year.


Discover how is leadership style Cirque du Soleil and get inspired with leadership lessons in person.


Accomplish your team in spectacular style results Cirque du Soleil


Hear about new global trends in the hand of Cirque du Soleil in leadership and enhance its innovative management practices.


Improvements in its role as leader is proportional to the influence you have. There is no better influence to innovate Cirque du Soleil

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Always there is new goals for Exceeding your results

El The PyMEs Regional Forum is the most important regional meeting, which meets once a year and in the same area, the global thought leaders on Management and regional Managers sharing experiences and presenting the latest trends with the aim to consolidate best practices in this discipline and with a common goal: "Human Capital”.

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The negotiation happens in almost all areas of life. Imagine going to an event and getting out of that event with a 10% improvement in your effectiveness as a negotiator. How do you improve the results of your management and life?. The Negotiation Day is a day to strengthen your negotiation skills thought worldwide leaders speakers. This is 1 day to change results of a year. This may be your day and that´s not negotiated.


In negotiations both parts win. Discover in the ND how to win.

Power up

Your skills as a negotiator are enhanced with ideas and practices. The ND has both.

Stand out

Differentiate as negotiator. Get more with less and get better results.



It is a space where ideas, practices, experiences and techniques are promoted to enhance the systems of compensation and benefits of the organization with the firm goal of attracting and retaining the people involved. The Compensation and Benefits Forum seeks to expose, through a practical and experiential approach, all that companies do to effectively develop the value proposition for their employees.


Alignment of the HR area with the strategic objectives of the company.


Improvement in labor relations


Talent retention and emotional salary.


Strategies against wage overlap

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and Executive Programs

Start the knowledge management route
from the hand of their founder

The KM Essentials it´s knowledge management program oriented to all professionals that start to make his own way in knowledge management and they want to deepen in aspects oriented like:

What benefit I get for knowledge management

What obstacles I can find when trying to implement a knowledge management project.

What is the ABC of Knowledge Management.

What I can find in the initial stages of KM.

How to build a road from my current situation to the desired situation regarding KM.

Get your Certification in
Knowledge Management
with the best of the world

The Certifield Knowledge Managment Officer program, program it´s the only certification program in Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital, bringing to get representatives of the most important companies in the world aimed at achieving excellence in their KM projects.

Objetives ofCertified Knowledge Management Officer

The purpose of this program is to distinguish, through parameters established worldwide, to the companies that have achieved full integration of the  knowledge management with their internal processes aligning it with the strategy of the organization, in order to increase the value of your company in the market.

Knowledge Management homologue according to the highest world wide standards

International recognition for your company.

The MJ Meetings it´s a unique space, ideal for networking and benchmarking. The MJ Meetings, encourage debate, reflection and inspiration to each one of the attendees. They may come back to work on daily tasks with innovative ideas. This events take place in each country and intent to present the most varied and select range of resources of management for executives of the most recognized companies.

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ManagEvents Solutions


More than 10 years of experience and a large portfolio of worldwide clients.

Companies from different industries have trusted in us, organizing and developing expos, conferences and events. The production of events includes:

Meetings and conferences

We have our own events around the world with international gurus exhibiting new trends and best practices in the field of Management and Business.

Corporate celebrations

New Year's Eve celebrations / Events Loyalty / Breakfast Business / Outdoor Activities / Sports Events / Computerized Accreditation System / Call Management

Seminars In company

Exclusive with Keynote Speaker for members of your organization in a private setting and contact one at a conference. y de contacto uno a uno.

Product launch

Through comprehensive development, successful communication to the desired target, an event becomes the most successful tool to promote their new products.

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